Golden Granulated Sugar

This contains free flowing, unrefined sugar crystals and can be used wherever you would use white granulated sugar, e.g. sweetening drinks, sprinkling on cereals and cooking. This is the perfect sugar for tea and coffee.

Golden Granulated Sugar

Recipes with Golden Granulated Sugar

  • Coconut Ice:

    Chocolate Coconut ice sweet make the perfect party piece, serve chilled for maximum effect

  • Creme Brulee:

    If you are feeling brave, this tasty French dessert is the perfect excuse to grab your blowtorch! Otherwise a simple, but as effective grill will do the trick

  • Spotted Dick:

    Steamed for two hours and served with your favourite ice cream or custard, this little pudding is worth the effort

  • Winter Crumble:

    A sweet tasty crumble, stuffed full of your favourite winter fruits.

  • Turkish Delight:

    The traditional and best mouth watering sweet! Who would have thought it was so easy to make!

  • Chocolate Candy:

    Forget those calorie counters with these gorgeous chocolate candies!

  • Prune and Walnut Tart:

    Fruit and nuts are lightly spiced and sugared in this inviting and easy-to-make dessert.

  • Brown Soda Scones:

    Delicious with a hearty homemade soup!